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Posted at Feb 7, 2013 by Dentapress International

Meeting of the Generations at IDS 2013

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The BdZA (German Young Dentist Organization) creates with the new Generationlounge an opportunity for across the age discussions between dental experts.

From the 12th to the 16th of March 2013 the International Dental Show (IDS) will open its doors and offers as biggest dental exhibition of the world an unique opportunity of intercultural and across the age communication of dentists and dental experts. The BdZA is not only represented at the booth of the Bundeszahnärztekammer (German Dental Association); for the first time, it is also represented by itself in the new Genertaionlounge (passage4/5). The Generationlounge –which is sponsored by the VDDI (Association of German Dental Manufacturers) and the GFDI (Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Dental-Industrie mbH)- gives the BdZA the facility to effectuate its targets within the scope of the most important dental exhibition worldwide and invite all dental experts to join the interactive communication and cross the age network.

The BdZA represents the funding of the dental alumni culture, the gender-equality awareness and the solidarity with in the self-employed profession. In addition the BdZA is connecting link between young dentist in Germany and colleagues worldwide. As Member Association of Young Dentist Worldwide it is a main goal of the BdZA to act in the interest of young dentist beyond national and language boarders and to support the international solidarity in dentistry. Since the founding of the BdZA in 2009 it was presented during the IDS at the booth of the German Dental Association -cooperation partner right from the beginning- and also this year it will be present at the joint booth of the German Dental Association and its cooperating partners, additionally to the Generationlounge.

Especially for the networking between national and international dentist, one of the main interests of the BdZA, the Generationlounge is a fantastic platform. As meeting point for joint events and round table discussion of national and international associations like Young Dentist Worldwide, German Dental Association or the International Association of Dental Students the Generationlounge realizes the common vision of a cross the age debate in dentistry –for the unity within the dental profession, especially during times of increasing competition. Based on topics, for example like “The role of modern media in the world of dentistry”, conversation can arise in the inviting atmosphere of the Generationlounge. Different opinions are expressly desired. In the “Videobox” professionals can leave messages – under the motto “What kind of advice do the generations have for each other?” the BdZA want to encourage all dental professionals to exchange views.

The Generationlounge is located in the passage between exhibition hall 4 and 5 of Koelnmesse and looks forward to visitors between the 12th and 16th of March 2013.

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