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Specific mention of oral diseases in WHO NCD 2013-20 action plan

Jul 23, 2013 von JG | Rank article

Specific mention of oral diseases in WHO NCD 2013-20 action plan The WHO global action plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases 2013-2020 contains specific mention of oral diseases. The plan was adopted by WHO member states on 27 May at the 66th World Health Assembly (Geneva, 20 to 28 May 2013). The reference to [...] ... [Read article]

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The generations connect – website of the Generationlounge is online

Mar 6, 2013 von CB | Rank article

The Young Dentist Germany (Bundesverband der zahnmedizinischen Alumni in Deutschland e.V., BdZA) creates with the Generationlounge an interesting forum for all dental professionals of all ages- the website of the Generationlounge for IDS 2013 shows interested parties everything about the scheduled events and an ipad4 is winnable. The BdZA will be presented for the first time, [...] ... [Read article]

Facebook, Generationlounge, IDS 2013, YDW
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IADS/YDW 60th Annual World Dental Congress (Turkey – Italy)

Mar 3, 2013 von JG | Rank article

The IADS/YDW 60th Annual Congress (Turkey – Italy) Organizing Committee is inviting with immense pleasure, the dental students and young dentists all over the world. The event has a special trait, as the activities are organized for the first time in the history of IADS in two different cities – Istanbul (Turkey – August 27th [...] ... [Read article]

Facebook, IADS, YDW
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Meeting of the Generations at IDS 2013

Feb 7, 2013 von Dentapress International | Rank article

The BdZA (German Young Dentist Organization) creates with the new Generationlounge an opportunity for across the age discussions between dental experts. From the 12th to the 16th of March 2013 the International Dental Show (IDS) will open its doors and offers as biggest dental exhibition of the world an unique opportunity of intercultural and [...] ... [Read article]

Facebook, YDW
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The new ALUMNI-Magazine out now!

Nov 9, 2012 von JG | Rank article

Ontime, to the German dental meeting 2012, the brandnew ALUMNI magazine 2/2012 went online.  Since the summer 2012, the groundbraking e-magazine is published by the Deutsche-Ärzte- Verlag and is the official journal of Young Dentists Worldwide. This e-zine is customized for mobile devices like the ipad and satisfies with easy handling and interactive enjoyable rading [...] ... [Read article]

Alumni, Facebook
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100the Annual FDI-Congress in Hongkong

Nov 9, 2012 von JG | Rank article

100the Annual FDI-Congress in Hongkong The following article is a short version of the report published in ALUMNI Magazine. An FDI Congress is always a good opportunity for Young Dentists Worldwide to meet up somewhere in the world. This time it was a very special congress, the 100th Annual Congress of [...] ... [Read article]

Facebook, FDI, YDW
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The IADS Training Program – the past, the present and the future

Jul 29, 2012 von JG | Rank article

The IADS Training Program is being developed in cooperation with International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, according to the IADS – IFMSA Memorandum of Understanding signed in the year of 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The organizations have agreed to support each other and together to build a program which would train IADS members on personal [...] ... [Read article]

Facebook, IADS
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Dental Summer Event 2012 even more popular

Jul 7, 2012 von CB | Rank article

Even the striking mix between rain and sunshine could not stop the Dental Summer Event, to stay on winning track. More participants then ever gathered at Timmendorfer Strand from the 27th till 30th June 2012 to join the unique combination of beach feeling und high class postgraduate education. Already on the first day it was [...] ... [Read article]

Dental Summer Event 2012, Events, Facebook, IFG, Young Dentistry
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IADS – lecture of the month July 2012

Jul 7, 2012 von JG | Rank article

Title: The development and introduction into clinical practice of using DC modified parameters injection of drugs. Author: Yana Sadykova 5 th year student of Faculty of Dentistry of Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov Scientific advisor: Doctor of Medical Science, Professor  Zholdybaev S.S Scientific novelty of our proposed work is that the first use [...] ... [Read article]

Facebook, IADS
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Successful start of the dental summer event in the third year

Jun 29, 2012 von CB | Rank article

The dental summer event 2012 started the day before yesterday at Timmendorfer Strand; Germany. The postgraduate educational event which takes place from the 27th till 30th June 2012 at Timmendorfer Strand, welcomed numerous last year dental students and young dentists. ... [Read article]

Dental Summer Event, Facebook, IFG, Young Dentists
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