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Dentists in small group practices are most satisfied »

Many factors influence the daily work of dental professionals and contribute to their overall job satisfaction, which in turn may affect their delivery of care and thus patient satisfaction. A new study has found that the level of satisfaction differs significantly between dentists in different practice settings. ... »

Aug 16, 2015 07:58 AM | Rank headline

3D digital scanning shortens denture-fitting time from days to minutes »

Dentures, known as false teeth, are prosthetics constructed to replace missing teeth. Fitting removable dentures is a long and painful process in which a patient has to visit the clinic multiple times so that soft and hard plastic material, resembling silly putty, can be used to take exact measurements of her mouth. Failure to take [...] ... »

Jul 26, 2015 12:54 PM | Rank headline

Increasing demand boosts dental CAD/CAM system market in Asia Pacific »

According to a recently published report on the Asia Pacific dental prosthetics market by iData Research, an international market research company, the emphasis on dental aesthetics in South Korea has increased over the past few years. This has resulted in continued market growth at a steady rate, driven by patient demand, as well as low [...] ... »

Jul 8, 2015 11:52 AM | Rank headline

World Federation of Orthodontists to hold congress in London »

The International Orthodontic Congress (IOC) is held once every five years and offers up to 10,000 orthodontists and allied professionals a unique platform to meet, network and exchange knowledge and ideas with their colleagues and peers from across the globe. The World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) and the British Orthodontic Society, the two largest dental [...] ... »

Jun 23, 2015 05:19 PM | Rank headline

IDS 2013 gathering momentum

Mar 1, 2012 by JG | Rank article

Very keen exhibitor interest – once again more than 1,900 exhibitors expected – Top assessments by participants at IDS 2011 underline the position of IDS as a world leading fair In just over a year’s time the next IDS will open its doors in Cologne from 12th to 16th March 2013. But [...] ... [Read article]

Cologne, exhibition, Facebook, Germany, IDS
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Target group-specific support programme for IDS 2011

Mar 2, 2011 by JG | Rank article

From Speakers’ Corner through to the dentechnica Forum up to the specialist programme for dentists With the 34th International Dental Show from 22nd to 26th March 2011 Cologne is once again the absolute focus of attention for the international dental world. On the stands of the total of around 1,900 suppliers from [...] ... [Read article]

Cologne, Facebook, Germany, IDS
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10 good reasons for visiting IDS 2011 in Cologne

Jan 26, 2011 by JG | Rank article

On 22nd March 2011 the major event will once again begin: the International Dental Show (IDS) is opening its doors in Cologne. This unique leading world fair for dentistry will then be open again to the dental world for five days as an outstanding sector get-together. Once again in 2011 the [...] ... [Read article]

Cologne, Facebook, Germany, IDS, YDW
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Orthodontics in surgeries and laboratories – a key theme at IDS 2011

Dec 14, 2010 by JG | Rank article

Current trends and developments in orthodontics – digital methods becoming increasingly significant – A look at neighbouring specialist disciplines – More opportunities for surgeries and laboratories through cooperation – a key theme at IDS Modern orthodontic processes are making effective contributions to the correct development of the masticatory system. Today, general [...] ... [Read article]

Cologne, Facebook, IDS
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