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Posted at Nov 4, 2013 by JG

What Does a Graduating Pediatric Dentist Earn? »

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So you have done well in college and were accepted into dental school. During this time you have realized that you have a special talent and interest in working with kids. You apply and are accepted into a pediatric residency and spend a couple of more years earning your pediatric dental certification. Finally, after many years of study and devotion, you are a pediatric dentist! You are now ready to enter the market and find that first job and wonder what is fair and what you can expect to earn. You probably have heard figures from your residency director, co-residents and others in the specialty and the numbers may vary widely. Who is right? They are probably all correct in what they are telling you and the differences can be explained by understanding what they have experienced. I am an independent recruiter who works exclusively with dental specialists and I spend most of my time with private pediatric dental practices and those looking to hire a pediatric dentist. I work nationally and see daily what practices are offering and new graduates are getting in different areas around the country.

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Success with Vital Pulp Therapy »

With the advancement of pulpal regenerative therapies, we have come to appreciate and respect the healing capacity of the pulp. While MTA and new bioceramic materials are allowing us to create better coronal seals, we now have new treatment options to replace the traditional apexification and apexigenesis procedures. While pulpal regenerative procedures were first [...] ... [Read article]

Sep 12, 2015 09:50 PM

Changing dental insurance with a connected toothbrush »

…a dental insurance company, giving connected toothbrushes to policy holders makes all the sense in the world. Knowing that your policyholders brush their teeth on the regular means they are less likely to develop cavities and other issues associated with high claims. The insurer might even be able to promote more brushing or even flossing [...] ... [Read article]

Aug 18, 2015 10:38 AM

After Invisalign….Essix Retainers, Vivera or Fixed? »

When I first started Invisalign, the time when I would finally be wearing retainers seemed like such a distant prospect that I barely even allowed myself to give it a second thought. In my imagination, a day when I would have good teeth was a day that I dreamt about, but not one that I [...] ... [Read article]

Jul 5, 2015 09:21 PM

High Acid Drinks Can Damage Teeth »

So I have previously written about how sports and energy drinks can cause permanent tooth damage. See the post where it is mentioned that the high acidity levels in the drinks erode tooth enamel. Similar sentiments are echoed in a more recent article titled “Three-dimensional profilometric assessment of early enamel erosion simulating gastric regurgitation,” [...] ... [Read article]

May 6, 2015 02:32 PM


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